…and why is she worth the investment? As a VA, you are the one person your client wishes he had hired sooner. Why? Because you make his life more fun. Not because you work at his office, since you work from home, at the beach, in a coffee bar, or wherever. As long as you have a laptop and internet. As a VA you make your client’s life more fun, because you do the things he doesn’t really want to do. You take on the tasks he doesn’t feel like doing, how great is that? Tasks your client finds very difficult, might be your specialty. Things your client doesn’t have time for, are done by you with full attention. There is not one type of VA: every VA is unique. Each has her own scope of services, strengths, specialties and personality. For example, there are a lot of VAs that can do administration. Each of those VAs has her own additional services, so that can help a potential client make a choice. From the few VAs left, there will be one or two who the potential client has a connection with. So, for each business owner in need of help there is the ideal VA! What are the benefits for a business owner when he starts working with you?

  • He has less work to do;
  • He has less stress;
  • He can get up less early in the morning/start his day in the gym/start with a normal breakfast instead of a quick bite in the car, because you will have done his first task for him;
  • He can go for a (longer) walk during lunch, because you will do the task he had planned to do after lunch;
  • He can go home on time, because all items on his to-do list are done!
  • He saves time, which means:
    • More time for himself (meaning more Netflix, more gaming, more reading);
    • More time for his partner/family/pet (meaning a happier home front);
    • More time for his clients (and happy customers make for great promotors!);
    • More time for a social life (meaning happy friends).

But also:

  • He finally has the time to take that course he has wanted to do for so long;
  • He finally has time to take on that project, that fits a specific need from his customers;
  • He has more time to invest in his company’s growth, so can grow his income.

To sum it up: as a VA, you provide relief, you make your client more relaxed, you make him happy, make his customers happy and the people closest to him, you provide extra time, expansion of his services and you enable his business to grow. If that is worth the investment, is entirely up to him… Are you ready to rock it as a Virtual Assistant? Our brilliant online VA Masterclass teaches you everything you need to know to be the VA everybody wants to work with! Click the link below to check out our Masterclass. SHOW ME THE VA MASTERCLASS!

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