I don’t want to exist to work; I want to work so I can live.

After having worked as a primary school teacher for ten years, I was looking for something new. During my search, an article about being a VA caught my eye. My first reaction was: this is awesome!

The VA Masterclass is so incredibly practical and therefore immediately applicable. Learned something again? GO! You can really apply all tips and tricks the Masterclass teaches you straight away.

The tips about communicating clearly with your clients and setting the right expectations. Furthermore, the Masterclass as a whole. It gave me the feeling of being properly prepared for a successful start. It gave me the confidence to keep going.

I have the freedom to organize my time the way I want to, I can say what I do and don’t want to do and I can be there for my son when I have to. Wherever we live, I can organize my working life in any way that fits our needs at any moment. That is such a blessing.

If you too find it daunting to start your own business (which, let’s be honest, it simply is): taking the Masterclass makes it so much less scary! It really takes you through the whole process. I highly recommend aspiring VAs to take the Masterclass and go for it!

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Emma Clark

Virtual Miss Perfectionist

The VA Masterclass really hit the mark.

It has an incredibly practical approach and you can apply everything immediately to your own situation. I learned which entrepreneurial skills are important and how you can develop these. From planning and administration to sales and being visible. I took everything in and became more motivated with each lesson. Especially when I already got my first client!

The VA Masterclass gave me the confidence and all the ingredients to make my business a success. Now that I have been doing this for six months, I can say that that is exactly what happened. The confidence I ooze, also projects onto my clients. Furthermore, I can always revert to the (online) curriculum, that is still available after finishing the Masterclass. Yes, taking the VA Masterclass really hit the mark for me.

The VA Masterclass does so much more than just tell you what it’s like to be a Virtual Assistant. It also grooms you for being an entrepreneur. The practical tips & tricks make you feel more confident quickly and ensure real progress. I noticed this when I got my first client during the Masterclass. I was able to apply all acquired knowledge immediately. That was extremely motivating.


Marion Franklin

Virtual Assistant, Cifras

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