Hi, I am Emeli!

I am Emeli Colen, the driving force behind BLACK Curaçao! After having worked as a Virtual Assistant (VA) with great satisfaction for several years, I discovered that my true passion is coaching and training others.

As an administrative all-rounder and certified coach I love to guide you in the process of becoming a VA yourself. Because being an entrepreneur is great, but there is a lot more involved than just being registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

I will not be satisfied, until you can step into the world of entrepreneurship well prepared and confident!

VA Masterclass

Do you aspire a career as a Virtual Assistant? Do you want to offer effective support to other professionals?

Dare you finally make the transition to independent entrepreneurship?

Yes, I want to become a VA!


Live; and now what?! Are you not quite sure how you want to do it all and you prefer my help? Which is possible!

By Skype I’m going to coach you to set up your VA business and to a successful start.

Yes, I want coaching!

VA Masterclass Forum

Get free access to our VA Masterclass forum where you can keep in touch with your fellow students and all students who have completed the same training to exchange experiences.

Yes, I want to be part of this cool community!

The VA Masterclass

Thanks to the digital and online technology, working from home has become a reality for you. With the growing market of entrepreneurs, the demand for Virtual Assistants has increased.


Are you top-notch at administrative tasks, secretarial tasks and/or marketing? And does it make you happy when you can help others with this and you can make this your job? Then a career as a VA is definitely up your alley.


Starting your VA business is very simple. Take our VA Masterclass and in 6 weeks you will be ready!

During this unique training you will get the tools to find your way as a VA and thus be able to offer effective support to other professionals.


The VA Masterclass consists of 6 modules, where each week takes you one step further in developing into a professional Virtual Assistant.


You will learn, among other things:

  • what it means exactly to be a Virtual Assistant (tasks, services);
  • which entrepreneurial skills are important and how you develop these, including proven tools & tricks that are going to help you with that (managing, planning, acquisition);
  • which commercial skills are vital for your business (business plan, finance);
  • how to market yourself properly (visibility, networking, branding);
  •  which tools you can use for your business (online & offline tools), and
  • how you get and stay successful (sales, mindset, success formula).


YES, I want to become a VA!

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